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The zilSurvey app has officially been released!
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Help researchers by
sharing your opinion

Getting solid feedback is critical for building a good product,
help developers by filling in surveys.


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Provide feedback by rating products
such as website interfaces
and more.


Satisfaction score

Provide satisfaction scores on for example
articles, product performance et cetera


Direct feedback

Watch a video or read an article and directly
give descriptive feedback


Quote feedback

Give feedback via a short 1 sentence

App install

For every task and survey you complete
you earn between .1 - 1 SRV token which can be traded on zilSwap

Create your
own surveys
with SRV.

Become a partner with zilSurvey and create
your own surveys for 10 SRV (placeholder value) with
up to 10 questions per survey.

Software Integrations

Use the zilSurvey API to integrate your survey
into different applications.

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